AWS Mission

To profoundly reduce the cost and improve the quality and availability Of water by providing innovative processes and leading edge technical Solutions to potable and industrial water and wastewater problems, World-wide

photo of the desert
photo of a lake


Our planet has suffered irreversible damage from the rapid industrial developments of the past century:

  • Water shortages, droughts?
  • Decreasing water levels in lakes and rivers due to Global Warming?
  • Depleting water inventory in wells and aquifers?
  • Rapid industrial growth?
  • Insatiable appetite for good quality drinking water and industrial water?
  • Environmental challenges and concerns relating to water production and use?
  • Reject management?


AWS solves global water purification and wastewater treatment problems through:

  • Innovative raw water conditioning and purification technologies.
  • State of the art wastewater treatment and RO Reject recovery and reuse.
  • Maximizing recovery of pure water and minimizing waste.
  • Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD).
  • Low cost membrane process solutions for Municipal, Power, Automotive, metallurgical, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage and Textile Industries.

AWS Services and Water Technology Solutions include: