Advanced Recovery Reverse Osmosis Water Technology

  • ARROW® is a high recovery membrane based process for water treatment, desalination and virtually complete recovery of purified water.
  • The process deploys single-stage or 2-stage RO membrane treatment steps with proven, customized, innovative pretreatment, softening and filtration steps to achieve up to 99% purified water recovery.
  • The process treats and purifies influent raw water (e.g. from high-hardness and high-silica aquifers) and recovers 95% - 99% of pure RO permeate as drinking water or for plant use.
  • ARROW® can also be retrofitted to treat rejects (i.e. concentrate) from existing RO plants, thus recovering and reusing 80% - 90% of the reject stream.
  • Product water purity typical of RO permeate (i.e. > 95% reduction of total dissolved solids, TDS). Ultrapure water quality for electronics industry, pharmaceuticals and power generation can be readily achieved with additional RO and IX polishing.
  • By using RO membranes to achieve close to 100% water recovery, ARROW® achieves a cost saving of 30% - 70% when compared to conventional processes.  Payback Period: Less than 2 Years.
  • ARROW® is a patented proprietary process available under license from AWS.
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“Colgate-Palmolive… and many others, have recognized the critical nature of water to their business and are taking steps on the journey towards sustainable water management. 

                                                        - CDP Water Disclosure 2010 Global Report