Zero Effluent Reverse Osmosis (ZERO®)

ZERO® is a high recovery membrane-based process for the treatment and almost complete recovery and reuse of wastewater.

The ZERO® process deploys uniquely configured single-stage or 2-stage RO membrane treatment steps with proven, customized, innovative pretreatment, softening and filtration steps to achieve up to 99% purified water recovery.

The process purifies industrial effluents and recovers 95% - 99% as high quality RO permeate from:

  • Cooling tower and boiler blowdown,
  • Effluents from power stations,
  • Wastewater from automotive plants, chemical manufacturing and consumer products,
  • Effluents from food and beverage plants, preceded by ultrafiltration or membrane biological reactor (MBR) pretreatment.
  • In-situ Uranium Leaching / Recovery and aquifer restoration.

The ZERO® process is effective in the reclamation of water from secondary or tertiary municipal plant effluents, recovering > 95% of the water as high quality RO permeate that can be used in cooling, power generation, irrigation or aquifer recharge.

Recovered water from the ZERO® process can be polished via second pass RO and ion exchange to produce high purity demineralizd water for high pressure boilers. 

ZERO® can also be retrofitted to treat rejects (i.e. concentrate) from existing wastewater RO plants, thus recovering and reusing 80% - 90% of the reject stream.
 ZERO® Product water purity is typical of RO permeate (i.e. > 95% reduction of total dissolved
 solids, TDS).
 Ultrapure water quality for electronics industry, pharmaceuticals and power generation can be
 achieved with additional RO and IX polishing.
 By using RO membranes to achieve close to 100% water recovery, ZERO® achieves a cost
of 30% - 70% when compared to conventional RO processes. 
 Rapid return on capital and short pay-back period, especially in water-stressed regions.
 ZERO® is a patented proprietary process available under license from AWS.
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