Zero Drinking Water Reverse Osmosis (ZDW-RO™)

ZDW-RO™ is a high recovery membrane-based process for the production of high quality drinking water for homes, offices, commercial buildings, restaurants and water bottling plants.
The process purifies municipal potable water, well water or surface water and produces drinking water that is free from hardness, chlorine, sodium, organic contaminants and pathogens. Typical total dissolved solids (TDS) in the product water are 5-10 mg/L.

The product water recovery from the ZDW-RO™ process is in the range 90% - 95%, depending on the raw water salinity.  This compares favorably with a typical Whole Home RO system recovery of merely 25% - 50%.

The ZDW-RO™ process deploys uniquely configured single-stage RO membranes with proven, customized, innovative pretreatment, softening and filtration steps to achieve up to 95% purified water recovery.

ZDW-RO™ can also be retrofitted to treat rejects (i.e. concentrate) from existing potable RO plants, thus recovering and reusing 85% - 90% of the reject stream.
The ZDW-RO™ uses virtually no salt and membrane cleaning chemicals.
ZDW-RO™ is a patented proprietary process available under license from AWS.