State of the Art Pretreatment Solutions

  • Patented, effective low-cost pretreatment processes that deploy oxygenation, coagulation/flocculation, fine media filtration and charge neutralization.
  • Pretreatment applies to contaminated water containing oil, soluble organics, colloids, heavy metals, biomass, free chlorine and tri-halomethanes.
  • SOAPS™ produces water with low Silt Density Index (SDI15 < 5) that can be used to feed spirally-wound RO, NF, UF and MF membrane systems with very low fouling rates.
  • SOAPS™ technology package can be customized via bench scale testing or piloting, depending on the application.
  • SOAPS™ is a low-cost process that can be integrated with efficient membrane systems to produce high quality pathogen-free potable water and low SDI15 service water for industry.