About Us

Advanced Water Solutions (AWS) is a leader in membrane-based separation processes.

  • AWS was established in Canada in 1999 after two decades of innovation in chemical recovery, desalination, high purity water purification and wastewater treatment.
  • The company develops and applies cost-effective state-of-the-art membrane technologies to solve challenging drinking water problems, industrial plant water production and industrial and municipal wastewater reclamation problems.
  • Developed and patented several water and wastewater treatment, purification and recycling processes.
  • Nine U.S. and Canadian patents in membrane-based Water Desalination, Industrial Effluent purification and water recycling and reuse.
  • Seven patents in “high water recovery” RO membrane processes, membrane pretreatment and low-cost potable and industrial water production.
  • Proven track record in trouble-shooting and solving difficult industrial water treatment problems.
  • AWS offers “advanced water purification” and “environmental technology know-how” to clients, as:
    • Water Technology Consulting / Advanced Membrane Process Support Services, “AMPS”, 
    • A “license” to market and sell proven, patented membrane-based water desalination, purification and wastewater reclamation technologies,
    • Option to hold Equity Position in a Clean-Tech company with leading edge IP in water technologies.